Gillian Day - Astrología humanista, Consulta y Docencia
She is a humanist astrologer, both in consultation and in teaching, for 33 years. Founding member of the Institute of Modern Astrology of Venezuela, with Eng. Antonio Polito.

Formed in Greek Mythology and Archetypal Psychology with Dr. Magaly Villalobos, in Gestalt with Dr. Martinez and Lic. Niksa Fernández and in family constellations, at the Bert Hellinger Institute of Venezuela, with Carola Castillo.

She has 22 years of studies of Kabbalah and 20 Years working with the feminine. She is also a Registered Nurse at Aberdeen Royal Infirmay, Scotland. It also has the experiences and personal work of a lifetime.


Currently its office is located in Santiago de Chile and continues to serve its international customers by skype.

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